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Emergency Response 911 was founded to sell personalized emergency response systems to high risk individuals, providing top of the line technology, best in class customer service, peace of mind and industry best response times in the case of an emergency.

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Peace Of Mind Starts Here

Emergency 911 was founded in order to give peace of mind to those who are at risk of fall, their care takers and their family members. Our monitoring company provides immediate assessment and care prior to hospital transport.

With two-way voice communication established, they stay in constant contact with the user. They assess the situation, and when necessary dispatch emergency personnel while providing vital medical history to the paramedics in route.

Every critical component of our Medical Alert Systems have multiple layers of redundancies. Our users can rest assured we will always answer the call.

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Medical Alert System

Your Personalized Emergency Monitoring Solution

Have peace of mind that you or your loved one is always covered in the event of an emergency.


SOS Button

In a medical emergency, simply push and hold the side button and you will be connected with our U.S.-based emergency call center. They will dispatch first responders to your exact location using GPS.

Heart Rate Monitor & Pedometer

Monitor your heart rate anytime, anywhere. You will be able to know your heart rate and better understand how your body responds to exercise, stress, and other daily activities. The built in pedometer tracks every step, helping you stay active. WellBe® goes beyond traditional medical alert devices.

Ask WellBe®

Take WellBe® with you anywhere you go. With the award winning virtual health assistant, WellBe®, on your wrist, you can get answers to your health questions, receive medication reminders, and even find the nearest urgent care center.

Shower Safe

Shower Safe! With an IPX7 water immersion rating, the WellBe Emergency Alert Smartwatch is water-resistant. No need to remove your watch for daily activities like washing hands, watering plants, and even bathing.

Get Help With The Push Of A Button

The SOS Alert is compact and packed with features. Ergonomically designed to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Built-In GPS

Ability to track individuals that are lost or wander.

24h Monitoring

It makes it easier to maintain your independence by keeping you in contact with the Emergency Response Center at all times.

Fall Detection

The SOS Alert can be worn in the shower ensuring protection when you are the most vulnerable to slips & falls.

Care Specialists

Multi-Lingual Care Specialists available at all times.

How it Works


Press your SOS button (or fall detection will be activated if enabled) and a 2 way secure connection with our operator is immediately established.


A trained intake operator will determine what the next steps are to immediately care for you.


Help is on the way while we simultaneously reach out to your loved ones and caregivers listed on your profile.

The Coverage You Need

Our monitoring company provides immediate assessment and care prior to hospital transport.


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