Why Emergency Response 911?

Live life to the fullest, restriction free with Emergency Response 911.

Our singular goal is to allow seniors to live their lives independently, free to travel and explore our wonderous world without the anxiety of being alone or vulnerable. Whether choosing to live at home, or adventuring out, Emergency Response 911 is your full-time digital healthcare companion, always ready to assist in case of emergency.

We believe medical or physical conditions should not limit seniors from fully enjoying life and embracing their independence. And with the digital companion technology at Emergency Response 911, we assure that independent spirit continues.

From the golf course to the grocery store, and from the Grand Canyon to the Grand Tetons, Emergency Response 911 is always by your side. In case of any emergency, simply press the Help Button on your device and you’ll be immediately connected to an Emergency Operator.

Here, we can determine exactly where you are, what has happened, and we can dispatch emergency services, contact loved ones or send assistance immediately your way.

Unlike traditional 911 services, the Emergency Response 911 companion knows precisely where you are, always.  And our two-way communications technology allows us to talk with you, emergency responders and your loved ones, at the same time, giving you unprecedented coordination in case of need.

Even in the event you’re unable to speak, a simple press of the button allows us to send emergency services directly to you at a moment’s notice.

We Are Industry Leaders in:

  • The Leading medical alert service in the industry. Emergency Response 911 is FDA-registered, providing immediate 24/7 US-based Emergency Operator monitoring and response.
  • All-inclusive mobile medical alert system equipped with a waterproof Help Button to send a signal for help and notify operators about your identity and location automatically via GPS location technology.
  • Automatic Fall Detection, Medication Reminders, and Activity Tracking: augment your independence and monitor your health progress with these features.
  • Nationwide coverage on AT&T network with service included.
  • No long-term contracts, no big commitments.

Whether in the home, or on the go, our digital healthcare companion assures you the freedom and independence you deserve.

Emergency 911 was founded on a simple, compassionate belief: Seniors deserve the freedom to live their lives to the fullest. And loved ones deserve peace of mind knowing that behind the scenes, seniors are safe with a vigilant team always monitoring them in case of need.

Our digital companion technology, although highly advanced, is simple to use. All it takes is the press of a button, and we can provide immediate location, assessment, communication, and care prior to hospital transport, if necessary.

With two-way voice communication established, we stay in constant contact with your loved one. We assess the situation, apply bedside manner to calm your loved one, and if necessary, dispatch emergency personnel to the site. During this process, we share vital medical history with the paramedics in route to assure the proper, efficient care is given.

Upon completion of every alarm response, you’ll be notified of the incident and the status of your loved one. We’ll let you know, if necessary, which hospital or care center your loved one was taken to, and his or her status.

We are UL listed and have two multi-lingual monitoring stations geographically separated and staffed 24 hours a day by compassionate personnel who are familiar with our seniors needs. We are always ready. Always.

Every critical component of our monitoring systems has multiple layers of redundancies. Our users can rest assured we will always answer the call, we will always be there for you, and we assure you the best and fastest response to emergencies possible.

Peace of Mind and Confidence

The National Council on Aging says falls are the leading cause of non-fatal and fatal injuries for elderly Americans. These incidents cause an immediate threat to health and reduces capacity to live independently. But with proper response, longer term ramifications of falls can be mitigated.

Accidental falls have a severe impact on our seniors’ quality of life, hampering desire to engage in social activities due to the fear of falling. Trepidation can result in social isolation and depression, which can manifest through physical decline and lead to deep feelings of hopelessness.
These feelings of helplessness, loneliness and insecurity can be greatly diminished with the Emergency Response 911 digital healthcare companion. We offer your loved one the most important thing in life… freedom.
Our multi-lingual Monitoring Stations are located in Greenville, SC and Novi, MI.

Get The Coverage You Need

Our monitoring company provides immediate assessment and care prior to hospital transport.

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