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The medical alert device is typically wearable as a bracelet or pendant. If you need immediate assistance, you only need to press the button and an agent will be notified of your emergency. You can communicate with them via a two-way intercom. For non-medical emergencies, we can alert the emergency contacts that you have personally provided to us so we can inform them of your need for assistance. We’ll stay on the line and wait for the arrival of help with you.

When you choose a GPS-enabled system, the fall detection feature is also enabled. When the device detects your fall, the two-way intercom will activate to assist you promptly. If we fail to get a response from you, we would be assuming the worst and direct the 911/EMS immediately to you. We will also notify your emergency contacts to inform them about your alert.

The range of the medical alert system is dependent upon the type of service you choose.

We have several strategic monitoring locations across the country that can immediately dispatch the local EMS, fire, and police departments in your area in the event of an emergency. All monitoring specialists and stations are 911/EMS-certified and trained.